OBECC-UK is strongly committed to serve our children, young people and the society.  This is achievable with the collaboration of the community, charities, religious and non religious institutions  aimed  at  improving health and well-being of the the people, community cohesion and inclusion for the the minority ethnic groups.


Our Activities

Our primary focus is on Youth Out-Reach projects by bringing together  youths  and  young people from various background to live in harmony.  This is achieved through our workshops, social and cultural activities to increase their self-esteem, awareness, confidence, good citizenship, healthy living and community cohesion.

Our Current Activities

We are focusing on children, young people and parents from ethnic minority groups.  This project is tailored towards

  • Integrating people of various ethnic background in the community by building bridges through various activities such as cultural/native dance, field trips, recreational activities, youth plays, story telling to children and women creative programms.  Though, a non-profit organisation, we work in collabration with various religious and non religious institutions to integrate the new-commers in our community especially the refugees, asylum seekers and others.
  • Increasing self-esteem, confidence and good citizenship, healthier and safer community by promoting a sense of identity in young people through workshops aimed at instigating total moral re-armament or good conscience (re-awakening for all including parents, people and community). Thus to provide support in parents relationship with their children and coexistence with other family in the community and tackle the issues of ASBOS and other related  issues.
  • To increase education, training opportunities and skills acquisition to insure stable life styles and life chances and future employability.This is achieved by encouraging participation of children and young people from minority ethnic groups who are underachieving or at the risk of underachieving at school through out East Midlands and in all aspect of life.